Learn More about Weight Loss with the LAP Band in Houston

As a surgical weight loss patient, you have many options available for achieving desired results, with procedures that vary in recovery times and level of complexity. The LAP band is a treatment option that can provide the best of both worlds, being an effective, surgical solution to obesity, coupled with a quicker recovery than other options.

Among his treatment options for surgical weight loss, Dr. Christopher Reilly provides stomach banding through LAP band treatment.

Why Choose the LAP Band?

The LAP band, or laparoscopic gastric band, is used in restrictive weight loss surgery, a category of treatment which also includes the vertical sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. However, instead of surgically stapling or removing a portion of the stomach, the LAP band is a tie that is placed over the top of the stomach, creating a smaller pouch without permanently changing stomach size to reduce food intake. Ideal for patients whose BMI is between 30 and 40, the LAP band creates feelings of fullness after eating smaller portions. Other benefits of this surgical treatment include:

Adjustable – The size of your gastric band can be manipulated by adding or removing saline to the belt, which is a donut-shaped ring. Adding more saline creates a smaller stomach pouch and can be achieved through a port that is placed just under the skin during treatment.

Shorter Hospital Stay – As LAP band surgery does not involve as many complex changes as other processes, the recovery window required immediately after treatment is shorter – typically only a day necessary for resting in a hospital setting.

Removable – The LAP band is placed over a portion of stomach and is not a permanent alteration. If ever desired or necessary, your LAP band can be removed entirely.

Minimally Invasive – The small intestine is not altered, making this treatment less invasive than other options for surgical weight loss. With fewer incisions necessary and treatment that is performed endoscopically, patients enjoy care that is less complex.

Long-Term Weight Loss through Stomach Banding

With LAP band surgery in Houston, Dr. Reilly can help patients enjoy consistent and prolonged weight loss, with half of excess body weight shed after the first year of surgery. While this treatment can imply slightly more dietary restrictions and smaller intake of daily meals, it also comes with a shorter overall recovery time, and creates a long-term solution to weight loss. This stomach banding surgery is simple and effective, helping patients achieve life-changing improvements in health and function. 

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