VSG Weight Loss Surgery By Our Houston Bariatric Surgeon

If it’s time to make a change regarding your weight, to live a better life and enjoy improved health, consider gastric sleeve weight loss surgery in Houston with Dr. Christopher Reilly. Free yourself from the frustration of failed diets and weight loss initiatives and take advantage of a proven, safe, and life-changing approach to better health and vitality.

Considering Vertical Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery?

Achieving significant weight loss is a highly liberating and satisfying experience for patients who have struggled with their weight for years, or even their whole lives. If you’ve made attempts to get healthy before, you may have been through the back-and-forth process of eating too much, trying to stick to a routine, and ultimately not seeing much change in your health or weight. Surgical weight loss, especially with the sleeve gastrectomy method, is an effective way to finally shed pounds and see your health vastly improve. Patients seek weight loss VSG surgery for any and all of the following reasons:

• Improved energy, health, wellness, vitality
• Reversal of type two diabetes symptoms
• Better joint mobility
• Surgical reduction of stomach size that limits food intake

It should be noted that VSG weight loss is not by any means an easy way out or a shortcut to results. It is a life-changing commitment to health and wellness that starts with being able to healthfully limit food intake through creating a smaller stomach pouch or sleeve. This process promotes loss of weight that has caused significant health problems, with many patients dropping around 20 pounds in the first few months. Our Houston VSG patients are inspired to live active and full lives when they see and feel the difference created by being 50, 70, or even more than 100 pounds lighter.

Who is Qualified for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Patients with obesity related health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, and persistent fatigue, are encouraged to consider weight loss surgery as a means to restore health, take the pressure of excess weight off joints and internal organ function, and cure their type two diabetes. Gastric sleeve surgery has also proven effective for patients who had previous, unsuccessful weight loss surgery with other methods and are looking for a more effective way to achieve desired results.

Before your weight loss surgery can be performed, it may be necessary to lose initial weight with a gastric sleeve diet. Patients find this extra step completely worth the journey when they begin to see results both before and after surgery.

What to Expect: Post Stomach Surgery and Recovery Time

VSG surgery requires a one to two day stay in our affiliated, nearby hospital before patients are able to head home.  Patients should also expect a one or more week absence from work, where help will be needed from a loved one or family member to ensure that you are comfortable. Getting out of bed to prevent muscle soreness may be recommended during your hospital day, but most patients will feel tired and more interested in resting. The first day after your surgery typically includes the introduction of a clear liquid diet, with food and activity level changing over the course of the initial recovery period of the first few weeks.

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Dr. Reilly is proud to provide gastric sleeve weight loss surgery for his patients. Our West Houston laparoscopic surgeon and team take time to consult with all new patients to better understand their needs and goals. We’re by your side throughout the whole process, supporting your success story.

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