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Not Just for Weight Loss: The Gastric Sleeve Can Improve These Health Issues Too

If you’re significantly overweight and can’t seem to lose the excess pounds, no matter how hard you try, you may be a good candidate for the gastric sleeve. Dr. Reilly removes roughly nine-tenths of your stomach during the procedure and forms a smaller pouch (the “sleeve”) with what remains. As a result, you’ll feel satiated much more quickly, eat less, and lose weight without fighting hunger pangs.

To find out if the gastric sleeve is ideal for you, contact West Houston Surgical Associates. We would love to help you get on the path to health benefits that go far beyond weight control.

Improved heart health

The gastric sleeve can enhance your cardiovascular health in numerous valuable ways. The procedure can lead to a reduced risk for stroke, coronary heart disease, and peripheral heart disease. Research has also shown that the gastric sleeve can put metabolic syndrome, which is characterized by heart disease risk factors such as increased blood pressure, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal triglyceride and cholesterol, into remission.

Remission from type 2 diabetes

Losing excess pounds can help prevent or even reverse type 2 diabetes. The gastric sleeve can help you do precisely that. Bariatric procedures, such as the sleeve, have shown in studies to bring about lasting remission of type 2 diabetes that’s been especially difficult to control. By improving your appetite and portion control, you’ll experience improved blood sugar control, too

Improved energy levels and moods

As your body reaches a healthier weight range thanks to the gastric sleeve, you may be more inclined and able to exercise—partly thanks to the increased energy you’ll be able to enjoy. And because routine, moderate-intensity exercise also promotes positive energy levels and more restful sleep, these benefits can continue growing. All of these attributes, paired with improved self-confidence about your body and resultant social interaction, can improve your overall moods. For some people, the gastric sleeve helps minimize or manage depression symptoms.

Less physical pain

Carrying excessive amounts of body weight places undue strain on your joints. This is one reason that overweight and obese people are more likely to experience joint pain and arthritis than thinner individuals. The gastric sleeve can help reduce chronic pain by minimizing the strain those added pounds place on your joints and surrounding tissue.

Stronger fertility

For many couples struggling to attain pregnancy, reaching a healthier weight makes having a baby and carrying it healthfully to term a lot more feasible. You may need to wait 12-18 months after having the procedure to start trying to become pregnant, though earlier isn’t known to have adverse effects.

Schedule a consultation at West Houston Surgical Associates to learn more about its potential benefits.

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